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Norman Worker
Biographical information
Born: 1927
Died: February 5, 2005
Nationality: Mini uk.gif British
Occupation: Writer
Website: N/A
Winner.jpg Best Story (Sweden) Winner.jpg

1978: "The Avenger from the Sea"
1980: "The Treasure from Rhodes"
1981: "The Legend of the Swords, Part 1: Excalibur"
1986: "The Battle on Malta"
1987: "The King is Dead"
1989: "The Last Unicorn"
1993: "The Test"
1996: "The Last Viking"
1997: "The Ghost Who Died Twice"
2005: "The Battle on Malta"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Norway) Winner.jpg
1984: "Pirates of the Yellow Snake"
1987: "Devil's Adventure"
1989: "The Last Unicorn"
1990: "The Last Emperor"
1997: "The Ghost Who Died Twice"

Norman J. Worker (1927-2005) was a British writer who wrote 128 Phantom stories for Team Fantomen, in the beginning under the pseudonym John Bull.


Worker was one of the most popular writers of Team Fantomen, in total 12 of his stories won in the annual Best Story contest of Fantomen and/or Fantomet.

Worker also wrote several other comics for the Scandinavian market, including "Hunter", published with 6 episodes in Agent X9 before it was drastically changed, renamed to "Tybalt", and moved to Fantomen. Worker wrote 21 "Tybalt" episodes. Worker also wrote the script for the comic "Albatross", which was produced directly for Fantomen.

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Phantom work by Norman Worker


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Vultures Over Vacul" Bull Vallvé
2 "The City of Horror" Bull Wilhelmsson, Eralp
3 "Secret of the Arctic" Bull Bess
4 "The Last Shogun" Bull Maidagan
5 "The Last Assignment" Bull Wilhelmsson, Eralp
6 "The Kali Sect" Bull Vallvé
7 "The Tyrant in Tiang" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
8 "The Ghost Pirates" Worker Vallvé
9 "The Skeleton Coast" Worker Bess
10 "A Dangerous Voyage" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
11 "The Mona Lisa Caper" Worker Vallvé
12 "The Avenger from the Sea" Sweden - 1978 Worker Bess
13 "The Jackal" Worker Bade
14 "The Imposter" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
15 "The Nuclear Pirates" Worker Bess
16 "The Great Race" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
17 "The Ghost Cliff" Worker Bess
18 "Evil Forces" Worker Vallvé
19 "Secret of the Cave Island" Worker Bess
20 "The Storm" Worker Bess
21 "The Escape from the Bastille" Worker Vallvé
22 "Emergency Landing in the South Seas" Eklund, Worker Bade
23 "The False Prince" Worker Leppänen
24 "The Truck Pirates" Worker Vallvé
25 "Pirates of the Red Dragon, Part 1: Princess Sin" Worker Bess
26 "Pirates of the Red Dragon, Part 2: Deadly Passion" Worker Bess
27 "The Floating Coffin" Worker Leppänen
28 "Pirates of the Red Dragon, Part 3: Sentenced to Doom" Worker Bess
29 "Grand Prix" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
30 "The Airplane Pirates" Worker Vallvé
31 "Mahmoud and the Elixir of Life" Worker Eralp
32 "Carnival in Rio" Worker Westad
33 "The Treasure from Rhodes" Sweden - 1980 Worker Leppänen
34 "The Secret of Sanloi Bay" Worker Bade
35 "The Unknown Commander, Part 1" Worker Bess
36 "The Unknown Commander, Part 2" Worker Bess
37 "Flame" Worker Bess
38 "The Orient Express, Part 1" Worker Vallvé
39 "The Orient Express, Part 2" Worker Vallvé
40 "Fish War" Worker Leppänen
41 "The Gold of the Incas" Worker Vallvé
42 "The Secret of the Stone Plains" Worker Bess
43 "The Legend of the Swords, Part 1: Excalibur" Sweden - 1981 Worker Vallvé
44 "The Legend of the Swords, Part 2: Durandal" Worker Vallvé
45 "Deadly Conspiracy" Worker Bess
46 "The Destroyed Rain Forest" Worker Bade
47 "The Tulip Swindle" Worker Vallvé
48 "The Skull Mark" Worker Leppänen
49 "Secret of the Satellite" Worker Vallvé
50 "The Hidden Valley" Worker Bade
51 "Revenge of the Drummer" Worker Westad
52 "Dead Man's Gold" Worker Eralp
53 "The Leopard Cult" Worker Vallvé
54 "The Master Magician" Worker Lindahl
55 "The Message" Worker Leppänen
56 "Pirates of the Yellow Snake" Norway - 1985 Worker Vallvé
57 "The Treasure of the Barracuda" Worker Vallvé
58 "Poker with a Ghost" Worker Eralp
59 "Plague Infected" Worker Vallvé
60 "Pirates Ahoy" Worker Lindahl
61 "Return of the Scorpia" Worker Leppänen
62 "Julie" Worker Bess
63 "Patrolman Mary" Worker Bade
64 "Treasure of the Scythians" Worker Vallvé
65 "Duel in Venice" Worker Leppänen
66 "The Battle on Malta" Sweden - 1986 Sweden - 2005 Worker Leppänen
67 "Pirate Hunt" Worker Leppänen
68 "Devil's Adventure" Norway - 1987 Worker Stokes
69 "Damballa's Verdict" Worker Bade
70 "The Cloud Pirates" Worker Leppänen
71 "The Slave's Railway" Worker Lindahl
72 "Touganda's Secret" Worker Leppänen
73 "The Forest of Horrors" Worker Leppänen
74 "The Junky" Worker Leppänen
75 "Gandor's Revenge" Worker Vallvé
76 "The Curse of Carpatia" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
77 "The King is Dead" Sweden - 1987 Worker Leppänen
78 "The Castle of Evil" Worker Lindahl
79 "The Ghost on Flight 302" Worker Casanovas
80 "Power of the Apes" Worker Spadari
81 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 1: Pirates of the Arctic" Worker Leppänen
82 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 2: The Garden of Death" Worker Leppänen
83 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 3: Count of the Darkness" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
84 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 4: Cagliostro Mystery" Worker Cruz
85 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 5: Solomon's Mines" Worker Lindahl
86 "The Mystery on Cape Cod" Worker Spadari
87 "The Secret of the Valley of Wamballa" Worker Leppänen
88 "The Demon" Worker Vallvé
89 "The Last Unicorn" Sweden - 1989 Norway - 1989 Worker Leppänen
90 "The Ghost Pilot" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
91 "Wuluti's Secret" Worker Cruz
92 "The Black Fire" Worker Cruz
93 "Worubu" Worker Mitton
94 "Deadly Cargo" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
95 "Crimescene Manhattan" Worker Vallvé
96 "The Cruel Hunt" Worker Spadari
97 "The Test" Sweden - 1993 Worker Leppänen
98 "The Last Emperor" Norway - 1990 Worker Cruz
99 "The Reptile Queen" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
100 "The Witch" Worker Vallvé
101 "Bababu's Great Hoax Worker Felmang, Usam
102 "The Assassin" Worker Olesen
103 "The Doomsday Weapon" Worker Leppänen
104 "Island of the Eternal Mist" Worker Vallvé
105 "The Wolfman of Montargis" Worker Lindahl
106 "Takal's Mask" Worker Cruz
107 "The Knight of La Mancha" Worker Cruz
108 "The Wolf Monster" Worker Spadari
109 "City of the Priest King" Worker Vallvé
110 "Jungle Adventures: The Savannah Giants" Worker Spadari
111 "Kingdom of the Pirates" Worker Vallvé
112 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 1: The Evil Paradise" Worker Leppänen
113 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 2: Kazcim Master of the Dumb" Worker Leppänen
114 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 3: Scarface" Worker Leppänen
115 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 4: At the Edge of the Grave" Worker Leppänen
116 "The Revenge of Dogai Singh" Worker Felmang, Benny
117 "The Demon of Wasaka" Worker Spadari
118 "The Ghost of HMS Atropos" Worker Felmang, Ferri, Waldrag
119 "The Golden Falcon" Worker Leppänen
120 "Revenge of the Pirate Queen" Worker Spadari
121 "The Last Viking" Sweden - 1996 Worker Lindahl
122 "The Royal Murder Plot, Part 1: The Fatal Letters" Worker Felmang, Benny
123 "The Jungle Sayings: The Strength of Ten Tigers" Worker Vallvé
124 "The Ghost Who Died Twice" Sweden - 1997 Norway - 1997 Worker Lindahl
125 "The Black Phantom" Worker Felmang, Benny
126 "The Barbary Pirates" Worker Cruz
127 "Shipwrecked" Worker Cruz
128 "The Horn of Roland" Worker Cruz